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DoughNOT Finger My Hole!

Eid Mubarak! (Belated, I know) I tried to find a traditional pastry for Eid, but I couldn’t find any that really resonated with me. I briefly thought about making a baklava but decided it wouldn’t taste good a day or so old for the special person receiving the treats.

I finally landed on mini pistachio doughnuts. This entails making doughnuts (which I had never done) and making the custard.

Fun fact: Cindy’s terrible with custards.

So, at Trader Joe’s (because I’m fancy) they didn’t have any deshelled pistachios. In my haste, I decided, fuck it, I’d deshell it myself (mistake). I go home, get my baking table up and get crackin’ because time was of the essence.

When you have to crack open 65g of pistachios…
When it’s been 10 minutes you only have 17g of pistachios…

I think I spent at least 20 minutes to get 65g of pistachios. If not, maybe a half hour. But, anyway, I then need to grind these babies into bits so that I can start making the pistachio custard.

I promise it’s not diarrhea

You can expect your typical custard ingredients: egg yolk, sugar, and heavy cream + pistachios. Then, and I always love saying this because I feel like I’m a baker even though it’s super basic, comes the proofing of the dough. To proof dough is to allow for your dough to ferment and to double in size due to the yeast eating at all the sugars (which I think is just the process of fermentation so my explanation is redundant). Just as I’m about to cover my dough, I get a phone call that my doctor’s appointment was that day. Good thing proofing takes 1 – 2 hrs because I THREW off my apron and ran out the door.

2 Hours Later…

Ok, so back to baking:

My dough is double in size and ready to be made into doughnuts! (swoon) I did notice that the top of my dough was a bit drier which leads me to believe I didn’t knead my dough enough. I also later realized that my dough was wetter in some spots, so I most definitely did not knead it enough.

My big fat baby
You can see it’s not a consistent color and wetter in some spots
Pretending to be hard at work so my roomie can take this photo
My little babies ready for proof 2

After forming the dough into 20ish little balls, it was time for proof 2!

Aw my cute little babies getting fatter
Frying my babies!
Pre-filling babies

Ok, but what happened to that custard Cindy? I’m glad you asked invisible audience. So, as I mentioned earlier, I suck with custards. I always feel like my custards end up more watery than I want them too but then I’m always afraid of heating it more in case it hardens too much. I never know when to take it off the heat.

In this case, I feel like my custard came out too watery. When I was piping my holes (ho ho), the custard was dripping out of the piping bag. It was a messy affair. I also was having difficulty stabbing the doughnuts to fill because the custard was EVERYWHERE. I had to admit, the custard was rather tasty though. Once filled, it was time to top them with what else but powdered sugar! (Even though the recipe called for caster/superfine sugar)

Dressed and ready to party


  • Do not deshell the nuts myself
  • I took the custard off the heat too early
  • Knead the dough more for a more even consistency


I made mini pistachio doughnuts for Eid 2019, I forgot my doctor’s appointment mid-bake, my dough was not consistent, and my custard was too watery. BUT, they tasted good even if they’re not the cutest or done perfectly. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would go IN on how wrong this came out, but you know what? I’m doing this for fun, so fuck it. I had a blast (sort of…)!

Link to Recipe

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