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4 Scones and 7 Yeets Ago

WHOA. It’s been a while. I swear I’ve been baking. Just not posting. But that’s besides the point, because I’m back bishes.

Now, a friend whom I hadn’t seen since graduating from NJIT 4 years ago, had posted on her Instagram story that she had trimmings of her plants that she could pot and soil for whomever wanted them. I, always believing I’m a plant mom when I’m actually a plant killer, enthusiastically slid into her DMs to tell her I wanted the plant. We made plans to meet up at my house and I offered to make her a pastry and coffee.

So, I had been wanting to make a breakfast pastry for awhile now and this was the perfect time to kill 2 birds with 1 scone (I’m so punny). Croissants seemed too daunting with the many layers of dough and butter (and let’s be real, I hate rolling shit out, ESPECIALLY cold butter) and then ensuring you get that lamination. Muffins felt too… basic. I wanted something new and different that I hadn’t made before. And that’s how we landed on scones. And because I like to think I’m better than basic scones, I wanted flavor to my scones, and who says no to cinnamon and chocolate???

Because I’m ghetto and don’t have a pastry blender, I had to use these hands

I really dislike working with flour on my hands. I really really do. It gets everywhere and it’s annoying to wash off (but maybe I just suck at working with it). I honestly thought about buying a pastry blender and had to stop myself from spending money when I hardly use a pastry blender. And my hands are perfectly capable (thankyouverymuch). Anyway! The fun part of incorporating chocolate and cinnamon was up next. Another fun fact, I do not enjoy chopping chocolate bars because it too gets everywhere (why the fudge are you a baker Cindy???). I spent $5 on a fancy bar of chocolate that I had never heard of before, but it was the first one I grabbed in ShopRite. As I’m chopping I realize, I do not have enough chocolate.

But that’s ok, because I have a 3lb bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips that my roommate laughed at me for buying. Jokes on him, BECAUSE I’M ALMOST DONE WITH THE BAG (like 4 months later, but whatever).

A $5 bar of chocolate that wasn’t even enough for the scones
But that’s ok, because Ghiradelli had my back

Now, remember, I hate working with dough. It’s easily overworked and becomes unenjoyable. But, thankfully, this didn’t require much kneading. After spraying my hands with cooking spray to minimize the amount of dough I’d get on my hands, I kneaded it into this ugly, but functional, disc.

It was difficult to ensure I evenly distributed the dough so that my scones wouldn’t come out in weird, dumb sizes. But, I think, for my first try, I didn’t do too terrible of a job.

Scone me


  1. These hands were not capable
  2. 1 cup of chopped chocolate > 1 bar of chocolate (DOH!)
  3. Better distribute the dough


I didn’t blend the butter and flour well enough because the middles of my scones were cakey and doughy while the rest of the consistency of the scone was pretty decent. In terms of flavor, it was there, but much too warm. I think I would have liked something bolder in the recipe (such as orange zest with the dark chocolate or maybe cherries/raspberries). My friends from college enjoyed them, but did mention the doughiness in the middle.

Link to the Recipe

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