2018, Baking, First Attempts

More S’mores!

Wow! This has been an incredibly delayed post, so I’m sorry to keep my 2 readers waiting (hopefully it’s worth it). But, Happy New Years and Happy Holidays!

These S’mores cupcakes were baked on December 29th, so I can’t add them to my 2019 Baking Log, unfortunately. But not to worry! There will be plenty of baking posts for 2019 (I hope)! Without further ado, let’s get into it.

A friend and her fiance who I haven’t seen in a really long time was visiting me in my new place to check out the results of my renovation and to catch up. Because it has been so long, I decided they’ve most likely gotten incredibly skinny and needed my baking back in their lives. After going through some lists of cupcake recipes/flavors, I decided on a s’mores cupcake, because who can say no to chocolate and marshmallows!?

My lovely baking station in my new home

I thought my baking table would be too big, but of course it isn’t big enough! My fat ass still found a way to dominate my space and give myself very little room to work.

The lovely cupcake holders I picked out

Because Christmas had only JUST passed, I decided my Christmas themed cupcake holders weren’t too out of place. Plus, they were cute (bonus!).

Mixed all my dry ingredients together!

Not pictured is me adding my wet ingredients and baking the graham cracker bottoms for my cupcakes. BUT, here’s the finished, unfrosted cupcakes in all their glory.

You can only IMAGINE the amount of drool that I had when I pulled these babies out. But of course, I couldn’t enjoy them yet because it’s only appropriate that I make marshmallow frosting.

I was nervous on executing marshmallow frosting since it’s my first attempt. But the results were delicious!


The only downside is that I didn’t have my torch properly equipped to toast the tops. Yes, yes, I could have used my broiler, but that would have taken too much effort and time and I wanted to eat these things.

I had to hold myself back from devouring it to take a photo!


  1. Bake the graham cracker bottoms longer and use more butter to bind it
  2. Have my baking torch ready at ALL TIMES
  3. Enjoy them!


I made S’mores cupcakes for friends I haven’t seen in a really long time, they were great but the graham cracker bottoms were too crumbly.

Link to the Recipe Used

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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