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MadeLAY It On Me

If there’s one thing you should know about me, as a baker, by now, it’s that I love baking for other people and force-feeding it to them. My old co-workers and I have this thing where we’ll meet once a month to catch up, hang out, and exchange souvenirs from wherever one of us has gone. At this point, we’re all friends.

Anyway! I remember one friend, Nicolette, is a huge fan of madeleines because she’d always buy some from Starbucks. She’s an incredibly hard worker and was a huge help in transitioning me to a project, so I baked some as a thank you for her (the first time I baked madeleines). Since I hadn’t seen her in a while, I decided I needed to bake her a batch again when I saw her for my pseudo housewarming at my new place.

I tried a different recipe (link will be at the bottom), but I definitely approve of how they came out in comparison to the first time I baked them (which was meh and not that memorable).

Obligatory work station post

I can’t express how much I love my baking station. From the butcher’s block to the storage capacity. It’s such a step up from my old baking station that this makes me look forward to baking.

The secret ingredient to authentic madeleines

Don’t underestimate the power of a great zester. Hopefully in 2019, I’ll work with more baked goods that require zests.

The best way to amp up ANY baked good: browned butter ❤

Browned butter is ambrosia. I put that shit on EVERYTHING. I use it in my chocolate chip cookies, I use it in my madeleines, I could eat it without anything tbh.

The beautiful batter waiting for its dry ingredients and browned butter

Every step in making madeleines is delicious. From these whipped egg whites with sugar to the browned butter and to the zest.

After chilling my batter for 4 hours+, they’re ready to be put into their molds
My fat ass waiting for my madeleines
Ready to be popped out!

The stressful part of madeleines is getting them out of their molds and hoping you didn’t overfill them (which I often do).

Stressed AF
I like the seashell shape, but I wish I had bought the traditional madeleine molds


  1. Don’t overfill my mold!
  2. Let the madeleines cool FULLY in the mold
  3. Patience!


Overall, I love madeleines. They’re incredibly simple, but they require patience. From the browning of the butter (BURNT butter is NEVER good in ANY recipe) to letting the batter chill for 4+ hours. At the end of the day, the more patience you give this recipe, the better the end result is. AND added bonus? My bestie Jessica and her boyfriend Kenny (both who normally don’t like my baking) liked them! Do you know how rare that is!?

Link to the recipe used

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