2018, Baking, First Attempts

Cobble Cobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! I know everyone’s eager to get started on their Black Friday shopping, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

As many of you probably know (or don’t), I currently have no kitchen, hence the radio silence of this blog. BUT! I was determined to bake SOMETHING for this holiday. Because, HELLO, it’s Thanksgiving! The holiday of eating and capitalism. Right, short and sweet. Sorry.

So, since my cousin Jo was bringing cranberry sauce, my sister Vanessa had a bag of cranberries. My family is very anti-waste, so what better way to utilize the cranberries than a cranberry cobbler?! I have never made one and I was stressed for time and also using ingredients I was not comfortable with.

Exhibit A:

WHO USES WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR!? (Spoiler: Vanessa Eng)

Ahem. Anyway, I tossed the cranberries in sugar, cranberry juice, and whatever else. I also used 2 different recipes at once (because, hello, I’m stupid). So, it looks incredibly dumb and questionable, but I promise the results weren’t awful.

And here we have the finished product!! It was a bit tart, so I should have tossed the cranberries in more sugar. Distribution of the topping (“crust”) should have been done better, so that is 100% my fault. However, overall, considering this was a last minute baking effort not in my kitchen and without my tools (I had to use my nephew’s baby spoon to measure out ingredients), I thought it was pretty good.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is seeing my cousins and aunties from my mom’s side. It’s always nice to have everyone gathered together and listening to my mom tease her sisters (or vice versa). On top of that, because we don’t see each other very often, it’s always nice to just hang out and watch movies together or drink tea as the aunties spill the tea. Chris, my late brother, would be our designated movie man coming in with pirated movies on his external hard drive and ready to provide the entertainment. The holidays are never easy if you lost a loved one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it in their memory. We love you always Chris and we hope you got to chuckle with us as the aunties teased mom.


  1. Don’t bake at my sister’s house
  2. Whole wheat flour didn’t taste half-bad, but it’s still not my go-to
  3. The cranberry cobbler was a mild success


My sister gave me whole wheat flour to bake with and 0 utensils aside from a standing mixer. However, with the power of Martha Stewart’s recipe, I was able to pull off a mildly successful cranberry cobbler. šŸ™‚

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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